Séminaire par Emmanuelle Sachon, Laboratoire des Biomolécules – Sorbonne Université, le mardi 05 Décembre à 11h

Dans le cadre de l’animation scientifique, Emmanuelle Sachon, chercheuse au Laboratoire des Biomolécules, Sorbonne Université, présentera une conférence intitulée “Insights into Molecular Interactions Using Photoaffinity Labeling Coupled to Mass Spectrometry” le mardi 05 décembre à 11h en salle de séminaire de l’ISA.

Résumé de la présentation:
Photoaffinity labeling coupled to mass spectrometry is a powerful approach for the characterization of interaction partners at the atomic level. These studies require careful optimization, including the strategic chemical labeling of one of the partners with an affinity purification tag and a photoreactive group. UV-irradiation of the photoprobe at a defined wavelength allows the formation of new covalent bonds with specific partners in close vicinity. Benzophenone (Bzp)-induced photo-crosslinking is commonly used for protein crosslinking. Some applications in the context of peptide interaction with biological membranes [1,2], membrane or soluble proteins [3,4] will be presented. Importantly, highly relevant information on molecular interactions can arise directly from the mass spectra when considering the specific photoreactivity of Bzp and side chemical reactions occuring in complex media. In this presentation, I will show you how MS-based approaches are highly valuable to answer complex biological questions.

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